Blend is

A youth collective for 11 to 16 year olds in Bude North Cornwall. Implementing a new way of looking at youth support by empowering members to run a fun and dynamic project for themselves
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Siblings Jamie and Kaylie Wright established Blend in January of 2016. Currently operating one evening a week Blend provides a social environment with a range of structured activities. Numbers have rapidly grown with over thirty members regularly participating in the evenings

A New look at youth provision

Blend empowers its members by actively encouraging them to take part in the organisation and running of the group, to make their own choices and decisions, with direction and support when necessary. Giving members this responsibility is key to increasing confidence and life skills
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It's Time

Blend is ready to expand and needs a larger more permanent space so that the collective can grow. We need an environment with increased opportunities for learning important life skills, increasing trust and taking on further responsibilities.

We Need You

Are you interested in working with us to Grow Blend, can you provide investment, support or help? Fill out the form, thanks...
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