Today,society moves fast. Do we over look what the needs of a generation really are? Mistaking them for what we are told they should be? Have young adults got a voice, a sense of freedom?
We as adults have ‘choice’, choosing restaurants or bars based on opinions of location, decor, price, quality, style and of course credibility.
What do youth have? Are they given places that they can feel good about. Young people’s centre? Youth clubs? Bland, stereotypical venues placed there for the conscience of society, rather than the wants & needs of generations to come.
Why should they be left to slump through this limbo between childhood and adulthood? What gives us the right to think just because we didn’t have choice it shouldn’t be available for our kids?
What about a place based on choice? An advanced learning hub full to the brim with self perpetuating life skills. A shake & bake bar run for the youth by the youth, servicing a lounge area designed and supervised by them, a skate bowl monitored and utilised by them…..etc…etc…..and through all this learn to understand the work involved in organising and financing these ideals. It’s up to them to make Blend a success. This way, they hone their strengths and begin to think about the advantages of focused challenges.

I feel that given the open, honest choice to make things happen, there are no better people in this society of ours to make change than the misplaced young of any community.
BLEND is an idea that could be an ideal. A generic pattern that would evolve and spread across the south west. Igniting the thirst for imagination that is so nullified by the dejection of a society lacking vision.